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The Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS) and Cosmic Origins (COR) Program Offices Manage Strategic Technology Development for the NASA Astrophysics Division

Directed by the NASA Astrophysics Division, the PCOS and COR Programs prioritize community-identified technology gaps needed to enable and enhance strategic astrophysics missions within the Programs’ purview. The Programs make technology investment recommendations to the Astrophysics Division, informing their solicitation and selection process. Funded projects are managed by the PCOS and COR Program Office located at the Goddard Space Flight Center.

To read more about our technology development program, visit our technology website.
The Astrophysics Biennial Technology Report (ABTR)

The ABTR, published on alternate years starting 2019, provides a high-level summary of the strategic technology development efforts of NASA’s Astrophysics Division (APD) across three Programs – Physics of the Cosmos (PCOS), Cosmic Origins (COR), and the Exoplanet Exploration Program (ExEP). The ABTR includes a timeline of technology infusions into missions/projects, APD’s current technology investment portfolio, the latest prioritized list of strategic Astrophysics technology gaps, and highlights from ongoing APD technology development and maturation projects. The next issue of the ABTR is expected to be released in late 2021, preceded and informed by the planned release of the 2020 Astrophysics and Astronomy Decadal Survey.
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